Below the Byzantine Walls of the Castello, where the history of Chania once began, Palazzo Almare serves a perfect blend of tastes with the famous Cretan hospitality and the magic view of the harbor and its light house.

Enjoy your dinner with your loved ones right next to the calm sea. Try Cretan and Mediterranean specialties, with our staff prepared to guide and serve you through the different tastes.


The beautiful Old Harbor of Chania was built under the Venetian rule between the years 1320 to 1356 and immediately got to be one of the most important spots for the Venetian military fleet, and of course trade harbor in the eastern part of the Mediterranean.

At the eastern part of the harbor Akti Enoseos, your eye will surely catch the characteristic Turkish building Giali Tzamisi / the old Mosque right where Palazzo Almare is situated with its amazing view of the light house.

Behind the Giali Tzami turning inland at the harbor street Sourmeli, the Byzantine walls of the Castello stretches towards the sky. Here in these cliffs, the history of Chania is said to have started during the Neolithic years of 3650-3000 B.C. under the name of Kydonia. Till now the city’s  “palaia toixi” can be seen standing as a ring  around the cole of  the old town. The walls can still be clearly seen as a ring throughout the old city core.

Underneath the cliffs of the Castello, a serie of old harbor buildings starts with Palazzo Almare, now housing in of what used be a carpentry during 1890-1895. Right across the protected harbor bay the Venetian lighthouse has been guarding the sea entrance since 1570 with some architectural changes made under  the Egyptian rule.

Carefully renovated  to  preserve the building’s historical architecture we welcome you to a enchanting journey to the Cretan Cuisine accompanied by the magnificent view of the Venetian harbor and its famous lighthouse.


As one of most significant differences between human and animals, expressed by the French philosopher Brillat-Savarin: Animals feed, whilst humans eat, the French kitchen is based on the gastronomic satisfaction.

Inspired by the French, taking their time while eating, gaining in such way a a better greater culinary experience whilst  eating less ,since they pay greater attention to enjoy the food.

We believe that the food we serve  must be of the highest quality ingredients  with all their natural flavors kept, and carefully prepared to  trigger all of your  senses!

Here at Palazzo Almare, our Chef and kitchen team take pride in cooking and serving you with sophisticated plates treated with love, adding the fundamental details of the traditional Cretan cuisine in every dish. The Cretan diet is world famous not only for its health benefits but also as being a strong base  of the Mediterranean way of cooking .

Fresh Seafood from the sea surrounding the island, met from free cattle, locally grown and collected vegetables  and herbs– all prepared and cooked with the finest Cretan olive oil and spices – perfect to enjoy with a glass of selected Cretan wines and spirits.

Welcome to our table at Palazzo Almare

Tailor Made Services

We would be delighted to host your business or personal happenings anytime with composing your menu of choice from our wide range of dishes!

In the magical aura form the Old harbor and the sea our well trained staff will host your event to your satisfaction.

To guarantee our services please we would like our reservations confirmed 2 days prior your event. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and planning of your taste experience!

+30 28210 08813 or by email [email protected]

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